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Ibstage 2018 is starting

Ibstage 217 Corps de Ballet at Teatre Grec Barcelona
Photo: Josep Guindo

INSTITUT DEL TEATRE: from the 13th to the 30th of August 
GRAN TEATRE DEL LICEU: 1st and 2nd of September 

Ibstage at the gates of its 10th Edition. With news, new challenges and a very special show

Press Release

Catalunya Ballet in Fast Avance by Leo Sorribes.
Photo: Josep Guindo
Ibstage starts this August with an outstanding event, such as celebrating its tenth edition this year. They have not been easy years since it started in Italy and even less, since its landing in Barcelona. Even so, it is indisputable to take a very positive look at everything that has been achieved especially from artistic, cultural and educational points of view. 

Ibstage is not just a more than realistic picture of what classical dance represents internationally speaking, with an exceptional program, as usual, destined for talents around the world and which offers a product of unique qualities that nobody else has achieved yet, but it is also the image of what it wants to be here, with the due recognition inside and outside, with an international and, at the same time, native concept that it intends Barcelona and Catalonia to be home of first rank dance productions and at the same time attracting the talent of everywhere, needed to make these creations come true. 

Ibstage 2017 - Gonzalo García
Photo: Sila Avvakum
This young association is not only young, experienced and professional but with a great entrepreneurial spirit, risky and with the absolute capacity to break schemes year after year, despite conditions that are more than adverse and in times of great convulsions that not only affect them financially but that also drive them to question their own vision about the true lace here, where the capitalist and competitive mentality of our society and mistreatment of culture forces them to look for niches where nobody thought they could be, apart from encouraging the undoubted existence of a cultural audience, but that it must be nourished and well treated if you do not want to let it die, disenchant, or even worse conform. 

So, Ibstage has started for the sixth year in Barcelona with a history on its shoulders that sometimes many describe as an impossible feat. If something has Ibstage, is that it is not just a constant focus on landmarks that are almost unattainable here, but that it also follows its activity without the minimum conditions and structures allowing to ensure its subsistence which is always subject to results more that optimistics. 

Ibstage students at class

It is taught at the Institut del Teatre from the 13th to the 30th of August, with the presence of great teachers of a renowned professional careers both in the educational and artistic fields worldwide. An artistic direction shared between the great maestro Elias Garcia, born in Sabadell, but with an international career that has led him to coach leading figures of dance, and Xiomara Reyes, the former ABT principal dancer and director of the Washington Ballet School. Among other great renowned figures, such as Rinat Imaev, Larissa Lezhnina, Piotr Nardelli, Yumiko Takeshima, Maria Luisa Arias, who are among many other masters and repetiteurs of the choreographies that will be presented at the final Gala. 

This year, the course has once again great support of such as that of the Institut del Teatre (Diputació de Barcelona), the Fund of Scholarships of the Banco Sabadell Foundation, which is still committed to the young talents who attend the course, the Generalitat de Catalunya and especially Yumiko, Official Sponsor and renowned international dancewear brand, together with collaborations with companies based in Catalonia that provide logistical support through an improvement in the services offered by Ibstage to its participants with very advantageous conditions. Without all of them Ibstage would not be possible, as well as its growing participation so necessary for the sustainability of the project. 

Girls enjoying at Ibstage

Why Ibstage: Ibstage was founded by Leo Sorribes and Elias Garcia in Italy and after 4 editions they moved to Barcelona. Ibstage's great goal has always been to consolidate classical and contemporary dance of quality in Catalonia, which after 6 years has given a first fruit full of hopes and that since very recently has started to create magnificent expectations in this regard. To retain the talent of our country, to capture figures and talent from all over the world, to import the best dance teaching techniques, to create own productions, to train dancers throughout all their career long, are some of the challenges planned to achieve. 

After 3 years preparing a really arid land, the founders of Ibstage have committed themselves in the creation of a company in Catalonia with which it is intended to give a totally different approach to the state classic company lacking the margin of maneuver so indispensable to achieve ambitious artistic milestones: The Ballet of Catalonia.

Anastasia Limenko at the Ibstage 2017 Gala.
Photo: Josep Guindo
For this, in this tenth edition, the Ibstage Galas will offer at the Gran Teatre del Liceu a triple artistic offer: Young talents from large national and international academies, showing some of the best choreographies in the repertoire presented in the last editions: La Bayadere, El Corsario, Paquita and Sleeping Beauty. Secondly first stars of the dance world will visit us as usual offering a repertoire selected especially for the occasion and with which we will enjoy great classical and contemporary choreographies of excellent interpretation. This year we highlight the presence of Polina Semionova, world star and currently principal dancer of ABT, and others, such as Anastasia Limenko, Miriam Ould-Braham, Semyon Chudin, Tatiana Melnik, the young Catalan dancer Martí Paixà (in the rows of the Stuttgart Ballet ), and until completing an almost overwhelming number of 12 guest dancers. 

Finally, there will be the Ballet de Catalunya offering in a so special commemorative year, a final and special touch, given the exceptional nature of its long-awaited birth. The company will also offer a choreography created by Leo Sorribes, director at the same time of Ibstage and the Ballet de Catalunya: Fast Avance, premiered on last April 28, in Terrassa 

Ibstage 2017 Corps de Ballet   


Ibstage stands out at educational level for its dual educational aspect of both the dance audience and the begginer one. Ibstage is basically defined as a technical-artistic improvement course aimed at students who are training in the profession of dancer, offering a top-level teaching team from prestigious schools and companies. Ibstage in addition, during the 3 weeks of the course, opens its doors to the general public, attracting dance professionals from any field, students, but also people who feel inquisitiveness about a discipline that often conceals erroneous conceptions or prejudices towards its reality, bringing common people closer is an enriching experience that allows them to convey their values ​​and knowledge of cause, as well as to foster the critical spirit of the audience. 

Mathilde Marlin and Leander Rebholz in Fast Avance
by Leo Sorribes. Photo: Josep Guindo
And finally, within the framework of the Cultural Cycle, started in 2017, a set of theoretical and practical activities are configured around several aspects allowing to understand the peculiarities of the ballet: from workshops where the basic exercises of ballet are experienced, his gesticulation in the repertoire, the photography applied to dance, the roles from the vision of the dancers who have interpreted them, the music, or witnessing the last rehearsals. All of them are taught at the same institute in days and hours that are published at the beginning of the course and to which all interested people can register online 


The press and media are invited to the Institut del Teatre from the 13th to the 30th of August to attend classes, rehearsals, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It has to be outlined that the Ballet de Catalunya will be present throughout this period. The General Director, Artistic Directors, teachers, dancers and participating students could be interviewed. 

Students at Ibstage
From 31st August to 2th September, dancers and students will be at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. The performances of the Galas will be the day 1 at 8:30 pm and day 2 at 6:00 pm. Press Conference will be convened with the presence of the international guests invited on August 31 and Graphics ?? (leo) During the period from July 16 to August 10, interviews with the Directors (Ibstage and Ballet de Catalunya): press, radio and television, locally, autonomously and nationally. 

Others: Days 30 and 31 of July there are Auditions for the Ballet de Catalunya at the Cultural Terrassa Center with the presence of candidates from all over the world. 

Next premiere of the Ballet de Catalunya: EL QUIXOT, November 10th. 

Tickets for sale at https://ibstage.koobin.com/

For more information, please contact

Marina Quera: Information about Ibstage course and Ballet de Catalunya Tel: 656 846 814 
Marisol de la Orden: Press conference and interview arrangement. Tel: 639 793 927 
Carmen Tanaka: Interviews during Ibstage, August 13 to September 2nd Tel: 650 785 445

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